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Roll With It Tour featuring Tyrone Wells, Dominic Balli and Emily Hearn at Aladdin Theater

Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR

March 20, 2015 @ 8:00 pm


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Minors under 21 with parent or legal guardian

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Tyrone Wells

Tyrone Wells is 6 foot 4. He’s bald because he’s never really liked his hair, so he just shaves it right off. He’s a white guy (a surprising fact to many). He has four older sisters. He originally hails from Washington State. His dad taught him how to yodel. He wanted to be a pro athlete, but wasn’t even close to having what it takes. He picked up an acoustic guitar and fell in love. He’s writing this bio. He’s referring to himself in the third person. He believes Jesus is for real. He loves being a husband and a father. He’s really normal and totally un-amazing. He tours quite a bit. He’s trying to find some sort of balance in this crazy busy world. He’s thinking about going back to a good old-fashioned flip phone. He’s never written a “hit” song, but some people really like them anyways. He hopes you are “some people.” He thinks maybe some day he will write a hit song, but he acknowledges that he also thought he would be a pro athlete. He likes to think that he sings from his soul. He is super stoked that you’re checking him out right now. Thanks for reading & listening. Peace.

Dominic Balli

Judging by his definitive optimism and intoxicating music, you’d never guess that Dominic Balli was once a hopelessly tone-deaf teenager. Balli has been on the receiving end of both miracles and madness, and every emotion attached comes through on his newest album, Not For Sale. When asked about his musical roots, Balli says, “Music is a gift. And I feel like the Creator gave it to me. I mean, I went most of my life being one hundred percent musically inept, and totally unable to sing, and then one day it was like, Here. This is yours. Use it.’” And on Not For Sale, it is undeniable that Balli uses the gift and his voice to convey deep-seated emotions inspired by his past, rooted in the present, and reaching for a brighter future.

Not For Sale creates a vulnerable setting that invites the audience into Balli’s story, while each track creates insight into the listener’s own personal narrative. From the recent birth of his third child, Kingston, to the realization that his own childhood was more traumatic than he had ever allowed himself to admit, Balli delves into untapped personal depths, and the result is his most honest and humanity-filled offering yet.

From the orchestral driven and hopeful “Come That Day”, to the more whimsical, “What We Found in the Dark”, Not For Sale displays an array of musical variety, including powerful anthems like “We Are One”, “Dreamers”, and “Fly,” as addicting as they are meaningful. With it’s roots-rock stomp and sing-along chorus, “No Stopping Us” exemplifies Balli’s evolution as both a writer and a human being. Balli’s only request is that you don’t stop listening until you feel the impact of the message, Not For Sale.

Emily Hearn
I think I was eleven when I first realized I might like to take the stage as a performer. I had been proudly singing different musical numbers around the house for years, so I figured it was about time that I auditioned for a play. My whole family piled into the tiny audition room to support me. Within a few moments I was up on stage, terrified, staring at my feet, quietly singing my best rendition of “Tomorrow” hoping that they would cast me as Annie.

I think I got the understudy for a non-speaking role in that play.

So you can understand why I honestly didn’t dream of a music career until eight years later when I was in college. I had played piano for a few years, and taught myself how to play guitar in 2008. I loved the way music made me feel, and how an honest song could tell a story with more intensity and emotion than any book I’d ever read. I admired great songwriters like James Taylor, John Denver, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan–the artists who inspired me to use my voice in a way that could be heard on a different level. So at nineteen I began creating my own world of songs.

I released my first EP, Paper Heart in 2010 and my full length album, Red Balloon last year. I saw these records as a chance to give my feelings a life of their own, and to express them in a way that was genuine and honest so that other people who felt the same way could know they are not alone.

I was lucky enough to land some amazing opportunities following the release of these albums. Some of these include a surprise Bill Murray cameo in my first music video (which was a highlight moment of my life) and the chance play my music all over the country where I’ve continued to meet amazing friends and fans.

After all these years I’ve finally overcome my stage fright and strangely enough, I truly feel at home when I’m up there performing. I think that’s because when I come down off the stage I meet people who thank me genuinely for writing a song. They say it describes exactly where they are in life. That pinpoints the whole reason why I do this–because I believe I’m standing before a group of people who feel the same way that I do and need to know that they are understood.

I just made a brand new EP in Oklahoma with producer Chad Copelin (Ben Rector, Christina Perri, Green River Ordinance), and I decided to call it Promises. It talks about the ups and downs of life–what it feels like to have a crush, and (sadly) what it feels like to be strung along waiting for someone to feel the same way, the big fights that change everything, the falling in love and getting married, and what you need to hear from a friend on those rough days. These songs are from my heart, but I think you might find that you’ve felt the same way.

My hope is that you just might find the anthem for your current season of life, or that you might be able to take the night off and come to one of my shows and realize I’m singing about the same thing you felt yesterday. To me, music really does have a world of its own, and a lot of times people connect there even if it’s for different reasons. I’d love for you to come join in on my world where feelings sound like songs, and I hope you feel at home.


March 20, 2015
8:00 pm
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Aladdin Theater
(503) 234-9694


Minors under 21 with parent or legal guardian


Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202 United States
(503) 234-9694

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